How to Conceive a Girl Naturally

March 19th, 2014 — 12:22pm

Having a baby is exactly what each couple recognizes to do; however, selecting the gender of the child is not something they can do. Considerably, having a baby boy is exactly what nearly all couples want as their firstborn. Even if you can effortlessly choose the gender of your baby, it’s just the opposite of making it happen for sure. For couples who have one or two good looking boys, what they generally long for is how to conceive a girl naturally?

Based on medical studies, one can depend on the methods for conceiving a girl. These methods are In Vitro Fertilization and MicroSort. Besides the two stated methods, there are other strategies found out by some other researchers that are known to work for couples to possibly conceive a girl. Just check the entire article to get more significant information.

For one, diet can greatly affect a person’s ability in conceiving a girl naturally according to studies conducted by reasearchers.  In accordance with their study, calcium may increase the chances of having a baby girl, hence taking in foods rich in calcium is suggested. On the other hand, foods abundant with potassium and salt should be avoided.

Another idea on how to conceive a girl naturally that young couples should really bear in mind is to make certain that they are having sexual intercourse at the most opportune moment. The chances of conceiving a baby girl increases by 75-80 % in case the rules identified by Dr. Shettles in case followed correctly. Couples need to learn 2 important facts first so that they can comprehend these guidelines far better. The very first thing which you need to bear in mind in conceiving a girl naturally is that a sperm which carries a female chromosome should really reach the woman’s egg first those which contain male chromosome. The woman’s sperm contains a pair of X chromosomes while the man’s sperm contains an X and a Y chromosome. This is the reason why you will need to keep in mind that the baby’s gender is always determined by the man’s sperm. Continue reading »

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Conceiving a Girl – Diet

February 11th, 2014 — 2:12pm

Ever since medieval times, the couples have been concerned in setting, just before conception, the gender of their offsprings. Techniques such as the MicroSort and PGD with IVF (which are, sadly, artificial) are the products of science. Nonetheless the majority of partners would prefer a way that is natural. With regards to how to conceive a girl naturally, the most significant factor is the diet. This idea originated from the great minds of Dr. Joseph Stolkowski and Dr. Jacques Lorrain.

It was confirmed that a woman can have a girl if she uses the diet to conceive a girl. This was discovered by Dr. J. Lorrain and Dr. J. Stolkwoski in the 70s. Their research on dietary techniques for preconceptional fetal sex benefitted many people. They proved that eating meals to help conceive a girl works well. The diet menu includes those foodstuffs that have higher quantity of calcium and magnesium. Couples should avoid foods which are high in salt and potassium. At times, this diet is called “calcium and magnesium method” and “girl diet”.

The dietary plan may pose some health threats since you will be eating calcium and lesser potassium. If this diet regime isn’t applied correctly, the individual might come up with a variety of diseases like renal system complications and excessive anxiety. Husbands and wives who wish to know “how to conceive a girl”, diet plans should really be created meticulously. This will prevent nutritional insufficiency in the process. With that, lovers are advised not to start with the diet without going to to a doctor first. Females should go to their doctor in order to have their state examined throughout the diet regime. When the female is doing the diet for conceiving a girl, a hubby should also do the diet since it is another way of supporting his wife. Timing is very important in this method. At least 6 weeks before the woman’s conception, the diet plan has to start. The dietary plan must not be stopped until conception is noticed. The woman is only permitted to end the diet plan once there is already a confirmation from a doctor that she is finally pregnant. Continue reading »

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How to conceive a boy – The Shettle’s method

December 14th, 2013 — 10:17am

How to conceive a boyThe Shettle’s method is mostly recommended to those couples who are planning to have a male boy. Though there are various methods available, this method gives the idea of conception which is reputed to help the couple who is serious to conceive a boy. It helps you to know when to get pregnant and how to fulfill your dreams of having a baby boy. Isn’t it interesting to take up certain measures in conceiving with your spouse? It makes a good experience for you both as it has many enjoyable steps which you can follow with your spouse.

What is the main principle of shettle’s method?

Actually, shettle’s method is based on the principle that carries X and Y sperm to fertilize into egg. And mainly in this method, reference is given to male sperm as it is the main purpose of this method to conceive a boy. Right from ovulation to conceiving male gender, every step is guided by this method to follow effectively and on time by the women. In addition to it, there are timings of men ejaculated mentioned in it to make the process easier to conceive. Men should not ejaculate fro 4-5 days as it may decrease the chance to conceive a boy. Continue reading »

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Proven methods of conceiving a girl with good success rate

December 4th, 2013 — 10:10am

Conceiving a GirlMany people all over the world are in search of ways to select the gender of the child. But till now no methods are guaranteed. The only methods we have been to play with percentage of sperm count. Here there are some great resources that will give you the best chance of how to conceive a girl in a possible way. Most of the women at present have followed some useful tips which have given them a chance to enjoy the moments with a girl child. They are nothing but natural methods with positive reviews which can almost help you with good effect.

Follow Shettles method

In this method you need to determine the time of your ovulation. You have to chart your cervical mucus every day. Because it is just before ovulation time your cervical mucus is watery and elastic in nature. By making chart of it for one month you can know exactly about your ovulating period. During this time it is recommended to perform intercourse before 3 days of ovulation as it increases the chance of conceiving a girl.

Note down body temperature every day

In Shettles method, it is recommended to note your every day body temperature in the morning. The reason to note temperature is that your body temperature will point the exact time of ovulation. Continue reading »

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